söndag 13 december 2009

Män under misteln

Här är sex av de män jag gärna skulle vilja träffa under misteln nu i jul.

Richard Armitage, Brad Paisley, George Clooney
Hugh Jackman, Donny Osmond, Jeff Bridges

Men som Everly Brothers sjunger "All I have to do is dream"
Du har säkert andra prefernser, men som sagt var,
smaken är som baken,

4 kommentarer:

  1. I can't read a word of that, but I get the idea! Hot men under the mistletoe? My favorite options from your list would have to be Richard Armitage and Hugh Jackman. :)

  2. LOL@Nat.
    Yes you are right these are the men I'd like to see underneath my mistletoe this Christmas.
    We all have our own diffrent opptions when it comes to the list, but these are mine.

  3. Some things are just universal. :D

    By the way, it is funny to read it in the Google translation.

  4. bZirk,
    I guess you are right, somethings are universal.
    I can just imagen the translations. Have to give it a try and see what happends.